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Kitt Elliott


Author of Women's Contemporary and

Male Romantic Fiction 

Completed Works
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Completed Novels


Dorothy Jean Hayes wants the perfect life and for her that includes having a man … a White man. After several failed relationships she finally meets what she believes is the man of her dreams: a back alley street fighter whose color is close enough to Dorothy’s idea of perfect to blind her to his true nature. When she returns to her childhood home she’s forced to face the three children she abandoned years before. Her homecoming sets the stage for a chain of events that will turn her children’s peaceful world upside down. Set against the backdrop of a once-stately residence, 3751 Daisy Street is a battleground for the ages-old adversaries Love and Hate, and the home of a woman blind to her bad choices and their effect on the lives of her children. When jealousy, selfishness, and a man are thrown into the confrontation, the tension builds, slowly dismantling bricks and mortar, and eventually the bond between a mother and her children.  Kindle: $7.99  Paperback: 14.99

GENRE: Women's/Urban Fiction

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Kristofaro Taglieri walks away from a bad relationship and into a private duty assignment that will test his resolve. As a hospice nurse, he’s accustomed to preparing people to die but he has no idea of the battle ahead, one in which he will spar with fate for the life of the man he comes to love. Gramercy LaFort retired at the height of his hockey career. He has more money than he’ll ever need and the privacy he long desired, but he’s facing an adversary more menacing than any he ever encountered on the ice. Slowly being imprisoned, he has blinders on in the Present and sees nothing more than a bleak Future. Time, for him, is of the essence and the clock is winding  down. Can Kris, accustomed to preparing others to die, help Gram live?  Will he teach Gram the true value of time and in doing so will he finally find the one thing he’s searching for?   Kindle: $4.99  Paperback: $12.99

GENRE: M/M Romance


Hunter Shore has way too many secrets in his closet … and they’re all about to get the best of him. He finds himself preparing for marriage on the very day he graduates Harvard but he’s not making a commitment to the love of his life, Cash MacDaniels. When Hunter ends their relationship he never imagines Cash will ever speak to him again. When Cash later approaches him about a business venture, Hunter joins him. Soon their close working relationship gives way to old feelings. Hunter wants to pick up where they left off but Cash is not about to give Hunter a chance to hurt him a second time. As Hunter’s life spirals out of control the secrets in his closet become more than he can bear. In addition to his closeted sexuality and unrequited love for Cash, there is a dominating father, a wife and child, and a secret that will tear his family apart.  Kindle: $4.99 Paperback: $11.99

GENRE: M/M Romance


Known as the world’s gambling Mecca, the ring of ten volcanic islands in the eastern Pacific Ocean lie nearly six hundred miles off the west coast of South America, and is one of only a few absolute monarchies in the world. For five hundred years the de Baisemeux Family has ruled the tiny Kingdom of the Black Isles. Located just a few miles south of the equator, it’s known for its casinos, swank hotels, ecological beauty, and its Freedom. Sebastian The Black, a pirate of French and Spanish descent, drifted into the azure waters of Sanctuary Bay in 1518. Now, five hundred years later, his descendant prepares to make his return. Like his ancestors, Prince Alexander must secure the throne and the continued freedom of his people by producing an heir. The problem? The prince just happens to be gay. Meet Alexander, his High Cabinet, and his Royal Retinue in the opening novella of the series, His Royal Highness.  Kindle: $2.99 Paperback: $7.99

GENRE: M/M Romance


In His Royal Highness, the first novella in the Black Isles Series, Alexander of the Royal House de Baisemeux and future king of the Black Isles learned his quiet life of leisure thousands of miles away from his homeland was coming to an end. In The Prince Returns, Alexander claims his birthright when he returns to the Black Isles and meets his aunt, the Interim Regent, but she’s just one of a long list of problems the young royal must face. The kingdom is rampant with corruption, the Motherland is fighting for a stake in the country, and there’s a rogue element within the court hell-bent on ending the monarchy. His personal life is in turmoil, too, as he’s saddled with the task of marrying and producing an heir despite his love for the man who reared him from birth, Indio Baptiste-Chevalier, his Minister of State. Join the prince on his return to the island paradise and the man to whom his heart belongs as he inches closer to the crown in this second novella in the Black Isles Series.  Kindle: $3.99  Paperback: $9.99

GENRE: M/M Romance


The Knights Templar is the Crusade’s richest military order with full coffers and vast land holdings that stretch to the four corners of Europe. Valerus of Thessaloniki is a member of the Brothers of the Poor, a detachment of the Knights Templar known for its bravery and skill on the battlefield. It is 1307 and Phillip the Fair is desperate for funds. Using his influence over the Pope, he mounts a complaint of heresy against the Templars as an excuse to disband them then trains an eye on their riches. Once the Inquisition begins no man associated with the order or its detachments is safe. Valerus refuses to answer the allegations before the Inquisition and makes a decision that seals his fate for eternity. Join him on his journey, his Awakening, as he finds himself again a soldier. This time, however, he meets his toughest adversary in a battle as old as time itself. This time it is a true battle between Good and Evil.  Kindle: $2.99  Paperback: $6.99

GENRE: M/M Paranormal Romance

Serial Novels 

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It's 551 years since the Bane of Mankind. 

In the aftermath, new nations arose ... and so did the challenge of living on a planet with limited resources. In the Republic of Laetus (SPQL) survival is achieved by controlling the population among the three genders: alpha, homine, and erote. Haan, an alpha, is finally able to declare his love for his friend, Leo, a homine. Can they fall in love in a society where one can be bought or sold on a whim or forced to mate with total strangers?


Genre: M/M/Mpreg Romance

About the Author

About the Author

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Kitt Elliott is an Ohio native. She attended Northwestern University. Her first novel, 3751 Daisy Street, began as a journal. Kitt says: "I was reared in a household where children were seen and not heard. While that's a nice thought it effectively took away my voice as a child. Where do you go when no one wants to listen? I didn't have the opportunity to talk but I could write and words never escaped me. I still journal to this day and it's from my journaling that I discover the characters that eventually find their way into my books." When Kitt is not writing she enjoys quilting, a timeless art she learned from her late grandmother.

Kitt says: "There's something about combining pieces of fabric to make a single thing that I find highly therapeutic."

In addition to quilting, she's a music lover who enjoys Chicago Blues, Billie Holiday, Patsy Cline, and the incomparable Etta James. 

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